Episode #2 features stories told by Marian Yim and Hon. Roxanne Song Ong, hosted by Bob Yen.

“The Sojourner’s Wife”, Marian Yim tells the story of her grandmother Lock Sin.

“For seventy-three years, until the mid-twentieth century, Chinese women were almost completely excluded from America.  My maternal grandmother was one of the pioneers.   Nobody asked her what she would like to do for a living, or if she would like to own property or vote.  She didn’t even have a choice as to who she would marry, where she would live, or what she could wear.  She was of a tiny handful of unsung women who simply stayed home, kept quiet, and somehow built a family legacy.”

“The Pioneer Dreamer”, Hon. Roxanne Song Ong tells the story about her grandfather Chew She Song.

“My grandfather was the youngest of five sons, a devout Confucian, and the most scholarly of his family. Born in 1890 in Guangdong, China, he taught himself how to read and write Chinese and became the local scribe and teacher of the village.  A local merchant saw his potential and agreed to finance his way to America.  He grasped the opportunity, left his 15-year-old wife in China, and began the adventure of a lifetime working as a dishwasher on a ranch, a cook and baker in the California gold mines, and ultimately becoming a merchant and owning his own business in Scottsdale, Arizona where he and my grandmother raised a family of eight children to realize the American dream…his dream.  The family overcame hardships of segregation and prejudice and eventually enjoyed education and opportunities beyond any expectation.  This is the pioneer story of one Chinese American dreamer.”

From Director Ty Ng – TwinTygr Films

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